Working class should be wary of GOP overtures


I would like to respond to a recent letter to the editor from Wally Townsend. Mr. Townsend claims that in the last eight years, the Democratic Party has thrown workers and unions under the bus. He claims that tens of thousands of manufacturing businesses either moved overseas or went out of business due to regulation and taxation.

He claims Hillary Clinton said she would close coal mines and lay off coal workers, which she did not, and that President Obama wrote and signed hundreds of regulations into law with a stroke of his pen.

What he doesn’t tell you is that automation and robotics were responsible for replacing many jobs in the last decade and will replace many in the future. Globalization and the internet have changed the world and we need to be a leading part of that future.

Many of the jobs our fathers had are never coming back. We need more people to train in engineering, science and math so we can lead the way in a global economy.

He forgets to mention that many businesses are not moving overseas because of regulation and taxation, but because they can get people in other countries to work for an average of $500 per month (not per week, but per month) so they can increase their never-ending, ballooning profit margins.

And regards to coal? Coal is on its way out and the miners need to be trained for new jobs. They need to be told the truth, not be lied to and told that their jobs would be coming back. Clean energy is the future. Clean energy jobs are being created and the coal miners can be trained for these jobs.

As for President Obama, he signed fewer executive orders during his two terms than any of the previous five presidents.

It wasn’t Democrats who instituted Right To Work in Michigan — that would be Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. How’s that working out for the unions?

And lest we forget our neighbors in Wisconsin, you can thank Republican Gov. Scott Walker for signing Act 10, which includes removing most bargaining rights for public sector employees.

And if you haven’t lost enough yet, now President-elect Donald Trump has selected Betsy DeVos as education secretary. DeVos would dismantle public education and divert money to for-profit charter schools and private schools, which in Republican-speak means dismantling the teachers’ unions.

Republicans refused to confirm President Obama’s nominations to the National Labor Relations Board. Since there is no quorum, there could be no rulings on unfair labor practices.

Republicans have been fighting against the working class and unions for over 40 years. The thing the Republicans are best at is blaming others for the outright robbery and oppression of the working class. It’s call projection, and they have deftly made it an art form.

Mr. Townsend ended his letter by inviting the Reagan Democrats and union members to take another look at the Republican Party.

I would advise against this, because the Republicans will say and do anything to get your vote. It is called bait-and-switch and some of you took the bait.

So be very careful about taking the bait that is offered by Mr. Townsend.