Agrees too many hunting seasons

I totally agree with Allan Peterson’s letter in the Daily News on Jan. 11 — there are way too many hunting seasons.

We do not need a youth hunt. Some of those young children hunting can barely carry the rifle, let alone shoot it.

It’s true the Department of Natural Resources does it for the money. I was in a local gas/convenience store when a person showed the woman behind the counter a deer license for the youth hunt. She contacted the DNR and told them he had a youth license for six months and wanted to fix it. The DNR told her it didn’t matter. So it is all about the money.

I did not buy a deer license last year because there are no deer.

When I went to camp, I saw wolves and coyotes and only a very small amount of does, but no bucks. I asked my neighbor if he and his son got a deer at camp. He said he won’t hunt next year.

I have been selling my rifles because I’m not happy with the price of a license and NO deer.

But if I do decide to hunt, I’ll get a six-month license.