Fears about ACA, VA and Social Security

After the recent election, I have been listening to the Republican’s agenda. Their main goals are to end the Affordable Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” privatize the Veterans Administration and overhaul Social Security. While I admit the Affordable Care needs to be fixed, repealing it will bankrupt many families and increase the national debt by billions. Fixing it will actually be cheaper.  This will keep the cost of medical care affordable and catch illness earlier. This will allow not only cheaper treatment costs but a better outcome for many patients.

Privatizing the VA would hurt all veterans. It is also unrealistic considering many points, including the very scope and size of the Veterans Administration and what they do. If the United States cannot afford to provide the care they promised to those who have kept us free, how can a private concern do better and make a profit doing it? Obviously, a lot of veterans are going to fall by the wayside.

I recently talked to a doctor working at the Iron Mountain VA about the Choice cards veterans have been getting. That provider said the veterans are able to get more care than they should at this time. It is more than Medicare would allow in some cases. This will make the Choice program look like it would be a great bet. The problem is that once everyone is on the Choice program they are going to limit the amount of care allowed.

While there are problems in the VA system, there are many great hospitals that treat the veterans with respect and get them the care they need in a timely manner. Fix the problems instead of destroying something that works.

Overhauling the Social Security System is something the government does not have the right to do. The money used for Social Security payments is money that was put in while you were working. Part of the money was taken out of your paycheck based a percentage of your earnings and part comes from your employer. This was money not paid to you at that time.  This is called deferred compensation. It was earned by you but paid at a later date by your employer. Neither of these are from tax dollars. This is money you earned and has nothing to do with the taxes paid by the general American population. This money is put into an account for you to use when you retire.

This is your money and Congress does not have the right to take your money. This called stealing.

We have a voice and we should be using it. Call Congress or the Senate and tell them to fix the things that need fixing and to let things such as Social Security alone. We did not elect them to destroy our lifestyle. In the long run it will cost our children less in the amount of the National Debt.