Hamilton sought better for country


In the beloved (and condensed) words of Alexander Hamilton, “…the safety and welfare,…the fate of an empire” rests on whether, “men are capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice.” Regarding the most recent election, many believe our country did not vote wisely, and good government has been replaced with pseudo-economic policies that benefit the already uber-wealthy.

Hamilton’s challenge was to unite the country under a strong federal government. Our present-day challenge is to further the nation’s economic activities to help the greater good.

Many elected Trump believing he is going to “make America great again.” His promises were economic in nature. Mainly he promised to keep jobs in the U.S., help the economy, and to make America the best in the world again.

Hamilton warned that when the wrong decision is made in an election, it will be the “general misfortune of mankind.”

Why is the election of Donald Trump as president of the U.S. a “general misfortune of mankind?” Because to be a good president, one has to be a person of his/her word. Nothing that Trump has said has been truthful.

To be a good president, one is respectful to all kinds of people and even those who oppose you. To be a good president, one doesn’t cheat people out of their livelihood, as he has done to so many countless individuals who have done business with him.

To be a good president, one does not use Twitter as a perverse political propaganda parley. One does not buddy up to one of the most corrupt leaders in the world, Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Hamilton said that obstacles to progress are the “obvious interests of a certain class of men in every state to resist all changes which may hazard a diminution of their power … of the offices they hold under the state establishments.” These men will use their “ambition, their aggrandizement, and the people’s confusion” to make themselves more powerful. Trump is that guy.

Our country has decided we care more about our economy than we do our democracy. So does Trump. Trump has a lot to gain from being president.  He can get rid of the estate tax (and will save millions if not billions of dollars, and this tax only affects 1 percent of the population). The money he put into his campaign is a pittance compared to what he and his children will gain from their political power.

Trump is going to make a lot of promises. He may save a few jobs. More likely, he will help his buddies out, keep the status quo, all the while his executive branch will wreak havoc on our freedoms. The ones he has already chosen all have toxic agendas. Their agendas do not reflect a diverse country. It will get harder to coexist with each other as neighbors.

The funny thing is, we won’t blame him; we will blame each other. So and so doesn’t work hard enough. Did you see how that person doesn’t have a job? Did you see how my taxes pay for them to keep having kids?  Meanwhile, Trump has fooled us all. Trump is the guy who is going to steal us blind.

We live in a “Gilded Age.” It’s only gilded for certain people, and they are getting fewer and fewer. Trump is going to decide who matters and who doesn’t. Whose lives matter? Trump gets to decide. It’s not what Hamilton envisioned. It’s what he would have tried to prevent.

Barbara Jean Waara

Iron River