Norway senior center should get more money

The easy and only way to solve the problems at the Norway-Vulcan Senior Center that were inflicted upon them on March 31 is to do what they asked months ago.

At the Jan. 23 Dickinson County Board meeting, the five commissioners released $36,241 from the Dickinson County Senior Millage to the Norway-Vulcan Senior Center. This leaves $23,759 of the $60,000 that is rightfully theirs as approved by the city of Norway, Norway Township and Waucedah Township.

When the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners releases this $23,759 to the Norway-Vulcan Senior Center, they can say good-bye to UPCAP and DICSA and any contracts, the federal government, the state government and the local government except their three units of government. The only meal count reporting they would have to do is to the federal and state governments, so other parties cannot steal their counts as they are attempting to do now.

Every person from ages 18 to 100 in the city of Norway, Norway Township and Waucedah Township should call Commissioners Henry Wender at 906-774-0706 and John Deganear Jr. at 906-563-9586 and tell them to release the $23,759 so they can relax and get on with serving their seniors.