Self-driving cars can’t be trusted

We have all heard by now about how the Russians hacked the DNC and the Chinese have hacked various government agencies in recent years. Not to mention the other hackings that takes place, such as ransom-ware on private and business computer systems.

But there is one thing that no one is talking about: self-driving autonomous cars.

Picture yourself being driven down the highway at 70 mph and some 16 year old kid in the basement of his house decides to have some fun and hack your car’s computer system and send you to Topeka Kansas, instead of Iron Mountain. Or, more insidious, a terrorist bent on killing a few people uses your self-driving car to run over pedestrians on the street. Who assumes the responsibility for these actions?

I am all in favor of advanced technology, but when it comes to putting my life in the hands of that technology, I don’t think so. Can a self-driving car avoid a collision with a deer or bear that jumps out in front of you? Will it even work when its minus-25 degrees out with a nice little wind chill and snowing with whiteout conditions? Will that computer system detect the edge or the center of the road when it’s covered in snow or see that car that just spun out in front of you?

I drove a semi for a number of years and I had a GPS system to help me, but I found out that as a tool it is wonderful, but it can be wrong.

Are we ready to put our lives into the hands of this technology and the people who control it?