Too many deer hunting seasons

Well another deer season has come and gone and it keeps getting worst. This year I saw a grand total of four deer. It has been getting worst for the last five years at my camp. I did not hunt on my own land because I had no bucks there. I had to leave to hunt on state land 10 miles farther north. At this pace, deer hunting in Upper Michigan will be gone in 10 years. There are too many hunting seasons, period.

My first year of deer hunting was 1959 — you had to be 14 to hunt deer then, and it worked perfect. Today, I see pictures of 6-year-old kids with a 30-06 rifle that have killed a deer.

We have the “youth” hunt, the “liberty” hunt, early bow season, regular deer season, then muzzle loading in December, then late December bow season. Plus, we still have a two buck per hunter limit. This is nuts; this madness must stop.

All the DNR is looking at is “money.” They do not care about the future of deer hunting in Michigan. At least they stopped the doe slaughter for a few years, and it can never be instituted again. As I said above, I started hunting at 14, and that worked great for many years, until they figured that they need more revenue for the DNR. We need Sportsman’s Clubs all over Upper Michigan to protest the DNR’s policies. We need to have the DNR trim back the hunting seasons. There should only be bow season from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31. Then rifle season from Nov. 15 to 30. No muzzle season, and NO late archery season. If you want to hunt with a muzzle loader, use it during the rifle season.

I am 71 years old and I fear I will never be able to shoot a buck again with the low deer numbers. If we don’t act now to protect our hunting in Michigan, it is gone in 10 years.

I sent a letter like this to the DNR in Lower Michigan and was basically told I am stupid. Their reply was, “all this does not hurt the deer population.” I tell you one thing, I am NOT the stupid one and not the greedy one. These can be temporary measures until such time that the deer population comes back, if it ever does.

The DNR says it is really the deer habitat that is hurting deer hunting, not the seasons. True to some degree, but there are many things wrong. Hunting seasons can be one way we can help, it just takes the DNR to listen to the deer hunters who know what is going on. It is the everyday deer hunter who is being hurt, not the DNR — they still make all their money on selling too many deer licenses, and have too many hunting seasons. Write to the DNR, go to the local Sportsman’s Clubs and voice your opinion about this — it is important to act NOW.