Fence town officials do look out for residents

In regard to the letter by Fence Town Chairman Frank Smith in The Daily News on Jan. 30, I would like to present the facts.

Chairman Smith states part of the reason he is not seeking re-election is the fire protection fee. This is likely a true statement, as Chairman Smith has fought this purchase from the beginning. He casts his vote just the same as the rest of the board. Because he is outvoted does not show the supervisors are not acting in the best interest of the town.

A federal grant was acquired by one of the town supervisors for the purchase of a new tanker truck. In the process of applying for this grant, the town was required to show why they needed financial assistance for this purchase. A form had to be filled out showing what future expenditures were facing the town.

1. A new bridge on the Rock Creek road has to be built.

2. One of the plow trucks will need to be replaced.

3. We have significant wear on our front-end loader. It may need to be replaced in the near future or require significant, costly repairs.

4. Possibility the Town Hall bathrooms will need to be upgraded to be handicapped-accessible.

5.  Blacktop and disabled parking spots at the Town Hall. This has been completed.

6.  Handicapped-accessible door upgrade at Town Hall.

We received a grant.  This shows the U.S. Department of Agriculture saw a need. The town supervisors don’t make this decision. It is made by the USDA.

The board held a “Special Meeting” to supply Fence residents with this information, ask their opinions and get an advisory vote. The people in attendance voted 39 to 3 for a new tanker truck, not to exceed $250,000. Three options were proposed, by taxpayers, for a fire protection fee to repay the machinery fund so as not to draw our accounts down. The people were in favor of this fee. The Wisconsin Towns Association was consulted to make sure it was legal and on how to implement it.

It was discussed to set the fee at $45 per year for the next five years. That is roughly 87 cents per week for each taxpayer. A cost of $225 over the course of the five years, with the exception of people having more than one residence or improved property in the town. My opinion is, it would be a hardship if the town were asking for the $225 up front. Being based over a five-year period should not impose hardship.

The chairman chose not to go with his constituents’ advisory vote and would prefer to deplete our accounts so low if we have anything unexpected happen we would have to borrow.

Frank Smith’s statement in his letter: “They aren’t looking out for the best interest of the people. They never look out for the best interest of the people.”

Does it look like the supervisors are not looking out for the town? Does it look like the supervisors are not listening to the people? The supervisors voted with the recommendation from the people. Frank Smith did not.

Town of Fence supervisors have put up with slanderous statements, edited videos on Facebook, edited DVDs of meetings sent to the Wisconsin Towns Association, edited minutes and selected portions of correspondences sent to the Government Accountability Board and the Wisconsin Board of Revenue.

I think the majority of the people in Fence are fed up with Smith’s actions.