Nordics deserved better coverage

On Jan. 19, the North Dickinson Nordics boys varsity basketball team had its biggest win in quite some time. The team from this small school district of 296 students was able to defeat a school district nearly nine times its size, with an enrollment of 2,562. This “Hoosiers” type of win should have been better acknowledged for its accomplishment.

Readers of The Daily News cannot be faulted for missing this big win, considering the burying of the story on the sports page. To the News, this game’s story only warranted a small sub headline in a much larger story about Niagara defeating Wausaukee, in the lower right corner of the sports page. The young men of the Nordics and their fans were cheated out of their deserved glory by this action.

Past history of this paper indicates that if the outcome of the game had been reversed, it would have been a lead story with a full color picture.

In this time of charges of media bias, it is up to the people to point out when wrongs are done to the subject of the stories.

Nordics — congratulations and well done on your improbable victory.

The Daily News changed its name from The Iron Mountain News in the 1970s to better reflect its subscriber base. This paper considers itself the paper of record for Dickinson, Iron, Florence and parts of Menominee and Marinette counties. There are 10 schools in this area. Michigan has a School of Choice program where students can choose where to attend. To the readers of nine of the 10 schools, it is quite obvious that The Daily News has chosen its school of choice.

Time after time when the reader from one of the nine schools’ sports team plays the Daily News’ “school team,” the following coverage will happen, based on the outcome of the game: The News’ school wins: Banner headlines above the fold, “Our Team Thumped Your Team,” and a large picture.

When the News’ school team loses: Smaller picture, small headline: “Your Team was Lucky to beat our Team.” Placement below the fold.

I hope the Daily News will in the future strive to be more balanced in its coverage of local sports news. The majority of readers and subscribers can be found in the nine-school area.

I look forward to seeing if this is put in the paper and what billing and placement it gets.