Bill would add protection for state’s children

Mandated reporters are the population of people who report most of the cases of suspected abuse and neglect that Child Protective Services receives because they are trained to identify signs of these situations, which makes it their duty in the state of Michigan. Since children spend most of their time in school, it only appears to be sensible that adults who are working in schools would be mandated reporters. Unfortunately, only those who are administrators, teachers or counselor are legally obligated to report any signs of neglect and abuse in Michigan.

You can be a voice for Michigan’s children by advocating for the passage of House Bill 4020, which would expand the list of mandated reporters within schools to include any adult involved in kindergarten to grade 12 interscholastic athletic activities or youth recreational activities.

With the amount of quality relationships built during and after the school day in extra-curricular activities, children need adults that serve their best interest such as coaches, volunteers, and those involved in these activities. Ten states require “coaches” to be mandated reporters and I can see many more states adopting this policy in the near future.

Supporting HB 4020 will help address the issue of child abuse and neglect by adding additional protections for Michigan’s most vulnerable residents: children. Please help advocate for the passage of this bill by contacting Rep. Daire Rendon, the chairman of the House Committee in which this bill is currently stalled!

State Rep. Daire Rendon

S-1387 House Office Building

P.O. Box 30014

Lansing, MI 48909