Honesty should not be exceptional

When I was attending college in Oshkosh, Wis., some years back, I had a part-time bartending job at Beaner’s Bar.

During the EAA convention, a number of people from Chicago would attend the convention and socialize at the bar during the evening.

I accidentally overcharged a patron and realized it a couple of minutes later. He would not have thought twice about the amount charged, being from Chicago.

I then brought the customer the overcharged amount and apologized. His reply: “An honest man. That’s scary.”

Therein lies the problem. My behavior should not be the exception, but the norm.

What I have been trying to get through to people is that it is possible to be a human being who can be trusted in every way, shape and form, whether it be with your wife, children or finances.

I know this is the exception, not the norm. Please forgive me for being the exception.