Schumer makes no sense on tax code overhaul

In an article “Dems: Trump’s tax secrecy complicates legislative overhaul,” Sen. Schumer stated, “Trump is opening himself to second guessing about his motives for supporting different policies and that the average American will think he’s making changes because ‘it’s good for him.'”

This makes no sense — any changes made to the tax code will affect everyone in each tax bracket and/or business. Sen. Schumer seems to be saying President Trump is going to make a tax break that only applies to himself.

The Democrats have created tax laws and complain when anyone except liberals utilize those tax laws for their benefit. They have been claiming for decades the tax laws need to be fixed, yet have done nothing when they were in control. They drag their feet for Democratic supporters such as George Sorros, who is a major contributor to Democratic campaigns.

It is simple for anyone paying attention that Sen. Schumer is trying to be disruptive to any change coming out of the White House. I personally find it disturbing when “neither political side” can work together to improve the state of our society. I find it sad when our government is out for their own benefit rather than that of its citizens.