Pragmatism vs. rigid ideology

It seems to me that pragmatism is, in many ways, a necessary element of organizational functionality. Pragmatism means to solve problems in a practical way without sacrificing the goals of the general welfare or hindrance of the advancement of everybody’s general good. Ideology is a system of concepts that fits operating systems into a set of beliefs and values. This results in rigidity and elements of distortion in any outcome.

Ideology requires labeling of a solution as true to the ideology or an enemy (valueless or worse). I believe the result of this is unstable solutions, condemnation of whole ideas and proposals instead of working to address needed repair/adjustments, and a “repeal and replace” mindset when an opposing ideological political power exists. This is obviously a downward cycle. The classical example of our time is the Affordable Health Care Act that was passed under President Obama, and the Republican efforts to “Repeal and Replace” for the last seven years including their demonizing/submarining of this act.

Hence our government has been essentially deadlocked and dysfunctional only operating when under extreme economic threat. It appears to me this in large part has been the decision of the Republican Party to be ideologues. It continues to be the choice of many of the Republican state and federal officials to be ideologues. I believe our country needs pragmatists.