Alsteens should not leave prison

My argument as to why I object to the parole from prison of Edward Alsteens, the killer of Norway police officer Kenneth J. Moraska in 1971:

As Mr. Brouillette described in his June 19 letter, “A clearer case for first-degree murder would be hard to imagine.”

Alsteens’ release into the community will greatly increase the distress levels of Officer Moraska’s many surviving family members.

Numerous citizens are familiar with Alsteens’ murder of Officer Moraska. Many citizens who signed the petition objecting to Alsteens parole expressed fear of him and would shun him.

Citizens fearfully watching Alsteens may cause him to descend into a deep depression which may drive him to alcohol for relief. Other petition signers expressed hatred towards Alsteens. Should Alsteens be released, hostility or violence towards him may cause paranoia. He may require police protection.

Worst-case scenario — if Alsteens develops both depression and paranoia, he could become desperate for an escape from his newfound torment. The first possible means of escape, if Alsteens becomes God-fearing, might be refuge within the church.

A second potential escape route could be suicide or suicide by cop.

Third, and most worrisome, if Alsteens has a high survival instinct he may kill another police officer or civilian in order to be returned to the easier life in prison.

To prevent the possibility of future tragedy, I say keep Alsteens in prison.

I pray Alsteens accepts Jesus Christ as his savior and becomes truly remorseful for killing Officer Moraska. In the end, God alone will judge Alsteens, not us.

Officer Kenneth J. Moraska deserves a special place in Heaven for his ultimate sacrifice to serve and protect even at his own peril (John 15:13).

The more people who sign the petition, the better chance to prevent Alsteens’ parole. Log on to