Violence goes on even without guns

If people want to be violent and to kill they will find a way. Look at the terrorist attacks overseas where they used cars and common household kitchen knives. There isn’t much that hasn’t been used as weapons including rocks, rope, sticks and electricity. The same parade scenario could hold true with a truck and butcher knife as it did with a gun. How do you stop it?

Now let’s look at the facts. Chicago has the strongest gun laws and since these laws were put into effect the “homicide rates” have escalated exponentially. They took guns away from respectable citizens so only criminals have guns. Yes, for some reason criminals don’t follow gun laws.

When a criminal feels safe because they are sure that they are the only person who is armed they tend to be more bold. Change that scenario to one person or everybody in the establishment they are about to rob could be armed, a criminal might be a touch more insecure about committing the intended crime. When you disarm the common citizen they become sheep ready for the slaughter.

I do believe in background checks and even support checking health records — including mental health — to verify the fitness for ownership. I would also like to see training in gun maintenance and gun safety to be required before ownership.

Here is an article from Reuters that supports my argument: