Political system has gone wrong

Our political system no longer works.

First, when the Democrats are in office the Republicans do everything they can to block what they want to do. Same when the Republicans are in office, the Dems do everything they can to block them. It is all about the “Party.” They both want to be in power all the time but get nothing done. What happened to the “people?” What happened to doing what was good for America and its people?

In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected, that was the end of the Democratic Party as you and I knew it. At that point in time the Democratic Party was taken over by the Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/New World Order elites. Liberals right now are destroying this country.

Look at the attacks on “free speech.” There is no free speech any more, only what the liberals will allow to be said. Conservatives, like myself, are shouted down and drowned out by the liberal voice.

Look at the mess there is in Europe now — they took down all their borders, you can freely move from country to country with checkpoints. They are liberal, and all New World Order believers. Well, look at the mess they have now with all the Muslims moving into Europe and bring terrorism with them. Crime, murders, bombings, killings — and they want us to join them. Excuse me, no way.

Europe wants the United States, Canada, and Mexico to join the EU. Know who George Soros is? Most do not, but he is behind all the protests and violence in this country. He ships in bus loads of radicals with black masks, black uniforms and clubs to burn, fight, loot and disrupt this country. He is a liberal and a New World Order wannabe. He and all the liberals in this country are behind all the “hate” against our elected president. You do not have to like our president — I did not like Obama; he was a liberal — but I never saw the hate against him that there is against Trump. Hollywood’s elite saying he should be killed, hung, pushed off a cliff. A picture of a Hollywood woman with Trump’s bloody severed head!! A show on Broadway showing Trump being attacked and knifed by a mob. People in Hollywood saying they would punch him, one star saying, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?”

Can you imagine if conservatives did that to Obama what the outcry would have been? I can hear them now, Oh the racist conservatives!

Then you have Black Lives Matter shouting, “What do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now!” Liberals are drowning out the voice of the average, conservative, American. Just look at University of California-Berkley, the home of “free speech,” now the home of the liberal, “Let’s kill the speech of the conservatives.” They want free speech but only if it is what they want to hear — the hell with the rest of America.

America is in trouble with its political system; only God can help us now.

Then there are the Clintons — that is another topic, talk about who should be investigated? The Clinton Foundation, her e-mail scandal, her lies to the public on Benghazi, Bill and Loretta Lynch meeting, man oh man!