Disappointed by lack of people at Alpha Omega Home event


On Saturday, an informational session for Alpha Omega Residential and Recovery Home was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Invitations were sent to all the churches. The Daily News had put information in the paper inviting everyone to come and learn about Alpha Omega’s work in the community helping young men who have been in jail and recovery facilities.

Our home has been recognized for its role in the community by the Diocese of Marquette.

As a result, there will be another Alpha Omega Home in Escanaba. We are honored that one of our residents, a success story, will be the manager of that home.

I have been involved with Alpha-Omega for more than five years as a volunteer and benefactor. The rewards for me to be involved in this great adventure as the Omega Mother is beyond belief. With Deacon Don Christy doing Jail Ministry, fulfilling his dream of starting a residence for men coming out of jail — and then offering me the honor of helping our community come alive in helping others — is a real God-given blessing.

The reason for this letter is to let all the people know this was a missed opportunity to learn of the good going on in their community. No one came to hear our story. Truly this was a disappointment.

Did you stay away because it rained that day? We were waiting for you. Sad.

Joanne Hady

Iron Mountain