Not about guns


What a sickening event in Vegas, the worst ever. But, like always the anti-gun nuts are at it again. They can’t even let this settle down before their rants.

Yes, it was really terrible, and I feel for all those who suffered, and those who died and their families. But, once again, this is not about guns, guns do not kill.

You can load every gun in America, put them on the cupboards, lay them in the corners, leave them in the gun cabinet. Unless a person picks up the gun and uses it to kill the gun will never kill anyone. It is not a gun problem, it is a “people” problem. We have sick people in the world and they are the problem as always. Everyone out in the world is not “OK,” there are mental problems, anger problems, drinking, drugs that are the problems.

Now, given that I am a gun owner, and a hunter, I am 72 years old. A few years back when these AR type rifles started coming out I was against them being sold to the everyday person. We do not need them in society, period! I have heard them in the woods during deer season –one person fired off 20 shots in a row. You do not need this type of gun for deer hunting. It is the young generation that is into these guns. I have one person behind my house who uses one, I can hear him shooting at times, like I said, 20 shots at a time, in semi-auto.

These guns are sellers, so the manufacturers make them, they make money on them. Remember, money is the bottom line in this. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing that can be done about this. No legislation will solve this problem, it is a people problem, not a gun law problem.

I remember when I was young, there was no such thing as these shootings, no terrorists, no semi-auto AR type guns, and no violent video games. Something has changed in America, and all over the world. It is called “evil,” get used to it, it exists, and will not go away.

We kick God out of our schools, we can not post the Ten Commandments, we can not have prayer on the sporting fields, we dare not “offend” anyone with the talk of God! And you wonder why we have problems. Next they will do away with churches. You want to blame, I tell you where most of the blame is, it is liberals, the far radical left.

One of the worst places is it prevalent is in our colleges, with these radical/liberal/socialist professors. They are poisoning our young kids’ minds in college with all this “political correctness”. Then you have the Hollywood nut baskets on TV saying our president should be killed, and threatening him. Then you have a TV show like the “View” with liberal, biased, hate- filled talk. Then you have the very, very, liberal news media like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, all with lies, and hateful people. We had a woman working for one of the networks say she did not feel for these people, they were country music fans. She was fired on the spot. That was not good enough, she should be in prison along with all the Hollywood elites that make such statements.

Ever listen to the late night shows. I used to like the Johnny Carson show, he was a class act, these guys today are evil and full of hate. That my friends is where the problem is today, hate being spewed on TV, and the wrong people are hearing it and acting.

The only cure is a “spiritual renewal,” but with the liberals, that will never happen today. Satan has a grip on this country and he will never let go. But, at the same time, this is no surprise, if you read the Bible, it is in there telling us this would and is happening.

Allan Peterson