Opposed to Breitung schools sinking fund


We feel the public should know that the Breitung Township School District sinking fund millage proposal on the November 7, 2017 ballot is a fancy spin for paying for pensions. The way pensions are currently set up, only 60 cents for every dollar of pension benefit earned by employees is being saved for that purpose; the remainder is unfunded or supported by expected capital gains or losses via investments. This is why many public pensions are in the red. Money needs to come from elsewhere when there is a shortfall. And there is a shortfall.

An example of such an attempt is this proposal; Quote from the proposal, “The sinking fund for the acquisition or upgrading of technology, for school security improvements, for the construction or repair of school buildings, for the purchase of real estate for sites for school buildings, and all other purposes authorized by law.” The last line is key — OTHER PURPOSES authorized by law. Money that is currently allocated for these capital improvements would be freed up by this proposal and used to pay the pensions.

Furthermore, under the Freedom of Information Act, we discovered the Breitung Schools receive millions of extra dollars from students that are from other school districts, attending Breitung Township schools under the school of choice program. The school district remains silent on this issue — where does that money go?

We think Breitung Township Schools are great! We have nothing personally against the teachers or staff. This is about tax dollars and transparency. This is why this committee was formed.

Mark Wiederrecht


Committee Opposed to Sinking Fund