Facts on fund for Breitung schools

A recent letter to The Iron Mountain Daily News reflected a gross misunderstanding of the proposed sinking fund for the Breitung Township Schools. The author suggested that the revenue would be used to fund pensions.This is simply not true, and it would be illegal.

Sinking fund spending is very narrowly defined by state law. In brief, the money can be spent on construction, repair, renovation, real estate, technology, and security. School districts are subjected to annual audits to verify compliance with this narrow spending scope. It seems like either woeful ignorance or deliberate misinformation to suggest that sinking fund revenue could be used to fund pensions.

Instead, the money would be used to provide high-quality STEM, computer science and coding opportunities, and advanced technology for all kids at BTS. The sinking fund would address small problems within BTS facilities before they became bigger, more costly problems in the future.

A wealth of accurate information is available at www.kingsford.org. There are lists of potential projects, discussions of sinking funds, and an explanation of the relatively small tax consequences. However they choose to vote, a few minutes at this site will allow voters to become acquainted with the facts and avoid making a decision based on false information.