Vote ‘yes’ on Breitung schools fund


On Nov. 7, voters are being asked to vote “Yes” on a sinking fund for Breitung Township Schools. This money will be used to improve the technology and facilities of the schools, as defined by state regulations. All good investments require maintenance and the school is no different.

The technology enhancements are necessary spending. There are world-class businesses here in Dickinson County begging for technically savvy employees. A couple of years ago, the phrase “Mechatronics” was coined to describe the mechanical/electronic systems that are everywhere from industry to our home appliances. Last June, I was hired as the Mechatronics Instructor at the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Technical Education Center to work with local industry to create this course. It is new; there is no textbook and we don’t have five or more years to wait for one to be printed — online resources are necessary for effective teaching.

The schools are working hard to provide the technical and STEM background these students need. Breitung Township Schools are asking for money to enhance the technology they can provide to all levels of students. The faculty and staff have shown they are committed to provide quality education. Please let them help the students.

Please vote “Yes.”

Susan Sturm



On Tuesday, voters in the Breitung Township School District will have the opportunity to say yes to a sinking fund millage. A yes vote will help provide more resources for our students and give them the best opportunity to be successful in a very competitive world. A yes vote allows our district to ensure safe and secure facilities for our students. Access to the latest technologies fosters success for our students.

Contrary to the recent Letter to the Editor of this paper, a sinking fund millage must be used for specific purposes and cannot be used to fund teacher salaries or pensions. We are very fortunate to reside in one of the leading school districts in the Upper Peninsula, and this millage will help preserve excellence in our classrooms. A yes vote is a vote for the future of our children and our community.

Rita Edberg

Iron Mountain