‘Blackballed’ by township board?

When I was elected to the Norway Township Board, I made it my goal to attempt to right some of the wrongs I observed occurring for years under the auspices of previous boards, many of which were an unnecessary financial burden to taxpayers in the township.

After about three months as trustee, I made a motion that there be no salary increases for board members. This motion was based on a recent survey I conducted that revealed many members of the township board had the highest salaries of all similar boards in Dickinson County. My motion received no support.

As I attempted to make several other needed changes, it became obvious there was a great deal of animosity toward me by other board members, which in many instances resulted in my not being successful in theses attempts.

When on the board, one of my assignments was to represent the township on the Norway Area Board of Appeals. A short time after expiration of my tenure on this board, they sought applications to fill two township vacancies on the appeals board. I was one of three applicants for these vacancies.

A short time later, I was informed by the township supervisor that the other two applicants were appointed to the positions. I had no problem with their decision, as “due process” was fulfilled in making it.

Typically, when applicants are not selected for a specific committee, their application remains in an active file so they could be considered for any future vacancies.

While sitting in the audience at the recent October township board meeting, it was stated that two township vacancies had occurred on the appeals board. They then proceeded to nominate and appoint individuals to those vacancies.

Prior to selecting members to this board or any other committee, it is required that an ad be placed in the local newspaper(s) seeking applicants who might be interested in being appointed to the board. Since this did not occur in this instance, “due process” was not fulfilled.

One of the appointees to the board of appeals is a resident of the City of Norway. This is in direct violation of the Norway Area Zoning Ordinance.

It states the appeals board shall consist of five members. The Norway City Council is to assign their perspective city members to this board, and the Township of Norway accordingly. A membership rotation (three by one municipality and two from the other) on this board shall occur every two years, so as to allow equal representation on it.

Since one of the township appointees resides in the city, the current appeals board membership has four members representing the City of Norway and only one representing the township.

It appears the township board is making every effort to see to it that I will no longer be considered for this board assignment. If this isn’t “blackballing” someone, then please tell me what is!