Library’s plans worth supporting

The people of Dickinson County have a unique establishment worthy of your support. That would be our county library. The library is currently accepting donations for remodeling aimed at making access better for the community. The library has a matching grant, I believe, in the area of $20,000, which means if you donate whatever amount you are comfortable with and they reach their goal, the grant will match it.

In this writer’s estimation, our library is a gem very worthy of donations from the area. As a person who has used most libraries throughout the state, ours goes the extra mile to accommodate the public, with some things I have never seen at any other library. These are some of the exceptional things I have seen:

— This is the only library I have been to that has no late charges on checked-out items.

— Our library has DVDs, even current ones, and they do not charge a fee to check them out.

— The library has current newspapers from around the U.P.

— The library has a variety of periodicals.

— Our library has a very liberal policy for number of books, periodicals, DVDs, etc. — if you (and I have) misplace something, you are given ample time to find it.

— The staff has always, without exception, been available to help find things.

— If the library does not have an item, they access the entire state library system until they find the item.

— If you forget your reading glasses, they will loan you a pair.

— A computer lab with internet access and even assistance if you need it.

I will add that the donation period is only until the end of December, so a donation would be a great way to give to an establishment that gives so much to the community.

So Merry Christmas and please keep the library in mind as something you can be proud of contributing to this year.