Present GOP has lost its credibility

How low can you go?

I ask this question in reference to the present state of the Republican Party. It seems to me they have lost any sense of credibility in the areas of financial responsibility and moral leadership.

In financial responsibility, they use to be financial conservatives supporting a balanced budget without deficit spending. They are now strongly supporting a $1.5 trillion deficit in the tax bill. That tax bill, according to most non-partisan economists, shifts almost all of the tax benefits to the very wealth with the highly debatable statement that the very wealth will create a large number of jobs. This has been tried before, with no clear job results.

Moral leadership seems to have lost any meaning for the Republican Party, if actions and not words are used as a standard. For example, prior President Clinton had an affair with a consenting adult female and was impeached. President Nixon was threatened with impeachment for his involvement in the thief of Democratic election campaign material and resigned. President Trump has admitted on tape to molesting women, voyeuring young girls because he could, publicly demeaned those who disagree with him, and manipulated government resources for his advantage and more.

Since Republicans control all phases of the federal government, there does not seem to be a bottom to their behavioral tolerance.