‘Rent’ bad pick for production

The Dickinson County Community Theater has been a mainstay of our community values and principles for more than 50 years. They focus on their mission of providing quality entertainment that reflects wholesome, family-friendly productions with local talent. Having been deeply involved in many of these productions over a period of more than 30 years, I am deeply concerned with a recent decision to present a musical that threatens the reputation of DCCT, the values of the community and individual supporters.

The production is the musical “Rent.” Its subject matter is highly controversial, sexually explicit, with vulgar language and dialogue, promoting alternative lifestyles and offensive behaviors. The choreography in the movie and past Broadway productions included the portrayal of sexual acts on stage and the “mooning” of the audience in an act of defiance, while the lyrics of one of the songs expounds the virtues of sexual self-satisfaction.

Don’t believe me? Rent the DVD or look it up on YouTube. Decide if this is the wholesome production that is suitable for your family and community.

To quote the DCCT mission: “Our core values embrace the simple concept that theater is for everyone.”

Some say that this is a “brave” thing to do. Since when is it brave to encourage and support behaviors that erode and destroy both individual and community values.

I urge you to withhold support from this production. Let us not accept the unacceptable.