Special interests won on auto insurance reform

Criticisms of special interests and the lobbyists who work for them are all too common. Invariably, special interests are wealthy and powerful and their agendas are advanced by lobbyists at the expense of the average citizen.

Michigan has just experienced a perfect example of this with the defeat of the auto insurance reform legislation in the Michigan House of Representatives. Michigan auto owners now pay the highest auto insurance rates in the country and this legislation would have reduced those premiums substantially.

The legislation was opposed primarily by the medical and insurance industries, two of the wealthiest and most powerful special interests in the state, and they were successful. They will continue to profit from high auto insurance premiums while we citizens continue to pay the price.

A special thank you to Rep. Scott Dianda and all those legislators who voted in favor of the special interests rather than their constituents. No doubt you will be well rewarded by them when you next campaign for office. In the meantime, we’ll think of you when our next auto insurance premium statement arrives and we will certainly remember you come the next election.