Invest in real social issues, not a ‘wall’

This letter is in response to a recent column “A way to build the border wall.”

Although I agree with a few points, in that this project will help some individuals — water for towns, people, crops and possibility of retirement village — I will add some facts that will raise some eyebrows and make some individuals realize that, in the end, we taxpayers will be stuck with the “bill” to fund this project. And, in the end, in my opinion, it will have little impact on stopping immigrants from coming to seek “The American Dream.”

Some statistics on what immigration contributes to the U.S. economy: There are roughly 43 billion immigrants in this country, both legal and illegal. According to reports, 11.5 million are from where I was born, Mexico. The amount of income generated by these immigrants –that the government is trying to stop from crossing in any way, shape or form into this beautiful country — is more than $20 BILLION DOLLARS!

It is estimated that about 300,000 recently tried to cross the southern border, not just immigrants from Mexico but from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc.

If government indeed succeeds with this project, this question comes to my mind: Who will be doing the unwanted, dirty and cheap labor these immigrants do on daily basis to try and keep our laughable economy afloat? We should ask that question to our smart and charming president — I am hoping he has the reasoning to answer.

My point is: How many border patrol officers, along with their cost of labor to be paid, will be needed to stop that many individuals year round? How much territory exactly is this wall going to cover on the border?

Our government budget already is at almost $20 trillion in deficit — do they really want to stop generating dollars from immigrants and keep spending more money when we are that much in debt?

I can only imagine what the future of our kids and upcoming generation will look like in years to come if the government keeps spending money without thinking, like there are no consequences.

May I suggest where that money can be spent instead of the wall?

Perhaps on homeless people, or the poverty and starvation some citizens in our own backyard still face. Spend the money where a real impact can be made to prevent any fatalities due to these conditions, on our own people here in this powerful nation.

I will close this letter by saying this: Building the wall will have the same effects as when, for the longest time, they tried to stop drug trafficking and failed to do so.

There will always be a way to make it here to the “land of the free.”

As long as there is a positive outcome of generating money for the benefit of the country’s economy, the reality of this situation is that some individuals will always be thinking ahead on how to succeed and defeat any obstacles on their path. Because as we all know, when there is a will, there will always be a way!