More to get upset about than play

Every day I read the paper looking for the outrage about real issues that are affecting our community and our state. What is upsetting people enough to write letters to the editor in the newspaper? The play at the Braumart called “Rent.”

This is the effect of the public buying and consuming the snake oil from the snake-oil peddlers in our churches, media and local governments. How about something real to be upset about? To start with, our county hospital being millions of dollars in the red and essentially bankrupt. Under the municipal health facilities corporations Act 230 of 1987, the failure of our hospital is a direct result of incompetence, if not worse, of the Dickinson County Commissioners.

How about the unfunded retiree health care liability in Dickinson County? It is underfunded to the tune of about $790 per person in the county, according to a Mackinac Center for Public Policy report.

How about Dickinson County’s high incarceration rate? Or the 911 millage scam? (The appeals court never ruled in the counties’ favor on that one.)

Why is KIND separate from UPSET? I know why — get ready for the spin on that one.

Let’s not forget about tens of billions of dollars of underfunded school and public pensions liabilities in Michigan. Or how about the city of Iron Mountain’s $3,809 per person Retiree Health Care underfunding? Or how about the city of Crystal Falls’ $4,157 per person Retiree Health Care underfunding?

In a way, I can’t wait for the snake-oil peddlers’ next boogeyman to scare people, or a wag-the-dog stunt to get your attention away from their incompetence or scam more money out of the trusting public.