Need to give Trump a chance

I listened to the State of the Union address. What a shame — Democrats sat on their hands all night long, even when there was good news! The economy is good, unemployment is way down, black employment is up, taxes are going to be going down, yet they sit and are not happy even about what is good for America and Americans. I heard afterwards someone say, “Who do these people represent?” I will tell you who they represent –the liberal New World Order elites. They do not care about real, working Americans and small businesses in need of tax relief.

They hate capitalism and want socialism. Socialism does not work, period. If that is what they want, go to North Korea, China or Russia.

Look at the stock market — record highs never before reached under any Democrat or Republican. They do not like that, either.

People, wake up and see what the Democrats are really all about: the destruction of all of our American values. They want to re-write the Constitution, restrict free speech unless it is what they believe, destroy True Christian values of the Bible, tear down the existing wall between the USA and Mexico. You want that?

Turn off the lies of CNN, ABC, NBC and especially MSNBC. These are liberal networks, along with the very liberal New York Times and Washington Post. I listened to CNN after the State of the Union address — what a dirty shame, the lies, bias and, yes, hatred toward President Trump. They did not have one — not ONE — good thing to say about him or his policies.

You talk about racism, listen to Don Lemon, Van Jones, Maxine Waters — all African Americans — and you can see and hear the hate from them. You people who listen to CNN all the time, do you really believe the hate coming from the left-wing liberals on that channel?

I do not say President Trump always says things the right way, and he tweets too much, but remember this — he is a leader, just like Gen. George Patton was. And what got that great general in a lot of trouble was he had a big mouth, but he won the war for us because he was a great leader. I read the book on him and watched the movie about him. Leaders — true leaders — do not come along very often, and they will never come from the socialist/liberal group.

I wish people would just look at what Trump has done in just one year and give him a chance until 2020. Then if he has not done what we, the people, need and what America needs, vote him out. But if America is really doing well, vote him back in.

Put away all the political bantering and let’s let him do his job and see how it comes out.