Fears that protests target all gun rights unfounded

When I saw the kids, and the adults as well, demonstrating across America, I did not fear for my guns or my freedom. When I saw a perverted photoshopped image of one of the girls, made to look like she was tearing up the Constitution, I was very afraid, however. If you believe that those demonstrations were about taking away the Second Amendment, you need to talk to one of those kids. You need to get your unfounded fears under control. You also need to understand what they were demonstrating for.

How in the world does a child’s desire to stay alive affect your hunting privileges? The majority of sane American gun owners are on the same side of the issue as those kids who demonstrated. Many, many gun owners were part of that demonstration and many of them probably hunt.

I personally can understand why a gun collector might want one of those ugly-looking assault weapons. But do I wonder why so many people want these weapons of war but did not and would not serve in the military?

As a war veteran, and a retired person with a degree in psychology and a work history in law enforcement, I understand. It has to do with fear that comes from a lack of knowledge and a lack of understanding things such as how a society works.

Unfortunately, it would take this whole newspaper to explain it completely and then many of those people consumed with irrational fear would still not believe nor understand.

Is there a happy thought here? Yes. The people consumed with these false fears are the vast minority in our society.