Reasons why guns look ugly

Like the gentleman from Florence, Wis., I, too, am a retired combat veteran. There is a reason why many weapons now look ugly and evil. Up until 1940, all weapons were beautiful pieces of furniture.

However, it was found out by all nations at the beginning of World War II that these beautiful pieces of furniture were expensive to make, did not lend themselves to mass production, environmental combat conditions and easy maintenance by the common foot soldier.

Therefore, they were replaced with weapons that were cheaper to make, that use lighter-stamped metal and interchangeable parts, that could be easily mass produced and maintained.

That is why most guns manufactured today look ugly and evil.

Even the wonderful M-14, as great a weapon as it was with its beautiful wooden stock, could not stand up to the humid jungles of Vietnam, and was replaced with the cheaper and lighter M-16 made with stamped metal and synthetic parts.

Also if one notices, the stores that no longer carry the cheaper, uglier and evil-looking AR-15 are now selling that beautiful, deadlier and more expensive Ruger Mini-14.

That uses the same .223 bullet and 30-round magazine as the AR-15.

In closing, just because a weapon does not look pretty does not make it evil.