Ruled from below the bridge


This message is directed to every citizen (Yoopers) in the state of Michigan and the state of Wisconsin (Green Bay north ). The message is that we “above the bridge” in the Upper Peninsula are at the mercy of those “below the bridge” in the Lower Peninsula. The fact is, we do not have the power to do anything of any importance, either good or bad, unless we have their permission.

This starts with our representation in the government in Lansing, where our elected state senator and elected state representatives from the Upper Peninsula do not have the elected power to do anything of any importance.

They are so greatly out-numbered that they have to live with whatever the elected politicians below the bridge desire. This continues with our educational system (college, high school etc.) ; our law enforcement (state police, sheriff departments, local police etc.) ; our physical and mental health (hospitals, doctors , community health departments, community mental health departments, the specialty services health plan (prepaid inpatient health plan, PIHP), county owned medical care nursing facilities etc. and the U.P. Area Agency on Aging (UPCAP Services, Inc. and all community service agencies represented in all 15 counties). You name it. They “below the bridge” rule us.

The last time we had any say so was when Rep. Jacobetti was in the state government. The last time we had any say so in Washington was when Bart Stupak was representing us.

The only way we can get equal treatment above the bridge is to unite and speak with one voice. Speak up. DO or Keep Dying.

Gerald McCole