America on a slippery slope

I am 72 years old, and as a young person I was a Democrat. Why? Because my parents were Democrats. I listened to them over the years. But, one thing has always stuck out in my mind. I remember one year — I believe I was a junior in high school — my dad saying, “I do not like the Democrat running for president, but I am a Democrat, and I have to vote for him.” That, later in my life, changed the way I think about voting.

Today, I am not a Democrat, and I am not a Republican. I am a conservative, and I vote for who I think will best help America and American values.

Today, the Democratic Party is not the party it was back in the early 1960s, when I was in high school. The Democratic Party today is far left, very liberal/socialist leaning.

The young Millennials coming up are all socialists; they do not want the capitalistic system that made America great. Believe me, people, you do not want a socialist country. You listen to these young people in the last election and they want free college, free health care. That is what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both socialists, were running on. Socialism leads to one thing — communism.

You listen to these young people on TV and they do not want to work, they just want money. These young people have parents that may make $20 to $25 an hour, and they do not want to start at minimum wage and work their way up as their parents did.

What I am getting at is each of you, regardless of what party you affiliate with, had better listen to what the new politicians are saying to get elected. We can never — I mean never — allow another liberal to become president. You all saw how Barack Obama, the great liberal, almost destroyed America in his eight years. Our military was almost totally dismantled; we are paying for that to this day. The liberal judges he appointed have hurt us, also, and the liberal people he put in the FBI, you can see how that has hurt this country.

Look at the liberal media now: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and, oh my God, MSNBC. The media is supposed to be the eyes and the ears of the American people, but all these networks, plus the New York Times and the Washington Post, and most papers are all owned by rich liberals. I watch what happens in this world and then I watch to see how these networks report what happens. It is a shame how they distort the truth that they report to the people.

Remember this, the first thing Hitler did in Germany was to control the news and print reporting. That is how socialist countries work, control what the people hear and see.

America is on a slippery slope right now and we only have a short time to nip this socialist thing in the bud.

Please, look at the socialist/communist countries and ask yourself — is that what we want for America? Look at Russia, North Korea, China, the South American countries. You want that?

Another big enemy to America is liberal/socialist college professors. They are poisoning our young people’s minds. Hollywood and their liberal thinking is also harming America. The hate coming out of Hollywood for our president is alarming. Free speech is gone in America nowadays; the conservative Christian voice is being drown out.

Be careful, people, before you vote again. Forget party, vote for true American values and what is best for America.