Not showing true Christian values

Have we become one of the most un-Christian nations in the world claiming to be Christian? I ask this question because we are traumatizing children and families. This country has done it during the slavery period when black African-Americans were treated as cattle. We also did it to our Native Americans when the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs forcibly took children from Indian families to eliminate native languages and customs in Indian schools such as the one that existed in Wahpeton, North Dakota, using harsh physically and emotionally abusive techniques. Now, we are separating Hispanic children from parents desperate to keep their children alive. They are guilty of a misdemeanor for the purpose of saving the lives of themselves and their children in the vast majority of cases. This is a choice I believe most parents here would take if needed.

I believe Christian values are compassion, love, caring, comforting the needy and oppressed, and forgiveness for all people, not just white people who look and speak like some of us. I believe in the values of compassion that Jesus taught not racial fears, and xenophobic economic theories and assumptions peddled by our president and his true believers. I believe that to be a truly great country, it needs to reflect in its policies a true caring and acceptance of our Christian values for people, races, and religions. We need to remember our ancestors were immigrants for reasons not much different from those now at our borders.