A response to Pinecrest letter

This is a direct response to Vulcan citizen Ed McBroom’s Letter to the Editor in The Daily News on July 5. I will begin this by stating that Mr. McBroom and all of the other politicians above the bridge do not, and have not since the days of Rep. Jacobetti, had any power to do anything of importance for us, unless they get the legal or any other permission needed from those below the bridge. Former 108th District state Rep. McBroom proved this when he introduced House Bill 4740 and changed Pinecrest Medical Care Facility in Powers, of which I am part owner.

Regarding the opening paragraph of Mr. McBroom’s letter, “I have tried several times to discuss the Pinecrest Medical Care Facility in Powers with Gerald McCole.” Unless Mr. McBroom has something in writing to back up this that I am unaware of, I have to say that he is being very untruthful. I have never, and I repeat never, been contacted by Rep. McBroom or citizen McBroom to discuss the Pinecrest Medical Care Facility in Powers.

Next, we will cover, “He has accused me of being a dupe in previous letters.” I had to go to the dictionary to find what a dupe was. Sure enough, Rep. McBroom was a dupe. He was led by the 19 commissioners from Dickinson, Delta and Menominee counties to Lansing, where they teamed with the rest of the House and all of the Senate to introduce House Bill 4740, which amended sec. 2 of 1929 PA 178 (MCL 404.2). House Bill 4740 was passed 110-0 in the House and 38-0 in the Senate and sent to Gov. Snyder for his signature. Mr. McBroom states “with explicit support from the governor.” It would have been political suicide by Gov. Snyder to not pass this into law when 148-0 tell him to.

As for explicit, it is unclear to me that he is giving the three counties above the bridge permission to take any of my property and sell it without due process. The Attorney General has to get involved. Citizen McBroom rambles on but does not say what House Bill 4740 and then Public Act 39 of 2014 did on March 25, 2014.

I cannot find where the three counties have ever put into place House Bill 4740, PA 39 of 2014, The Board of Trustees and the “Licensing and Regulatory Affairs” (from the 1929 Welfare Act). This is another Attorney General problem. I believe the coup d’etat of Richard Mapes took place before anything was put into place.

I do know that nothing has changed in Dickinson County regarding Pinecrest and House Bill 4740. Since being elected in 1998, John Degenear Jr. has served as a Dickinson County Commissioner. At the annual organization meeting in January, starting in 1999, John has been appointed as liaison to Pinecrest, including the new board since 2014. The only difference now is John collects his $50 per diem for each meeting or appearance at Pinecrest, plus his mileage at 55 cents a mile from the Pinecrest funds, while the Menominee and Delta representatives on the board collect from the counties. Another Attorney General problem.

I will go no further at this time except to say that I will not let Mr. McBroom try to take any of my property away from me without a fight and with help from below the bridge, as those above the bridge have absolutely no power. This discussion will continue until corrected.