Don’t go with UP Health

To Dickinson County Healthcare System trustees: You could find someone better than UP Health. I was in their hospital for six days after being here for 12 days. The service here was excellent and up there was so bad.

One of the nurses I had had to work three 16-hour shifts in a row. When the doctor up there wanted to discharge me, the nurse told him right out that I wasn’t any better than when I came in. She got somebody else to check me out and he wouldn’t let me go. The next day was the same and I just gave up and let them discharge me.

I had a doctor’s appointment here the next day and my doctor couldn’t believe they discharged me.

I also had prescriptions from up there — the pharmacist had questions on it and called up there and two days later they still had not returned his call.

You people know all the trouble they had there with the quality of service.

I will never go back there or recommend anyone go there. I go to Bellin now if I have to go out of town.

You have a excellent hospital here. Don’t ruin it by going with UP Health.