State needs to step in on DCHS

The number one reason that Dickinson County Memorial Hospital is financially ailing is retiree costs, or pensions. There is no entity to save the hospital from failing financially — not if but when the hospital is forced to file for protection or is liquidated and goes in front of a (future pension recipient) bankruptcy judge. Any equity left in the hospital will be used to fund the pensions. The union-controlled county commissioners will never ask the governor to put the hospital under an emergency financial manager because under law the emergency financial manager appointed by our Republican governor can reduce the pension payments and obligations. Doing so would save the hospital from failure. That is why you will not hear it talked about. The fate of the hospital will be decided by a judge or an appointee of the governor.

Also, under law, the emergency financial manager can put on the ballot a millage to fund the hospital. A judge cannot. I hope the governor takes action on this issue.