Are morality and greatness related?

Are people giving lip service to morality when convenient or when it doesn’t cost much socially or financially?

I have heard the reasoning to ignore, minimize, or rationalize the lack of true commitment to holding up true brotherly love, which I believe is the foundation of morality. The reasons I have heard are: we cannot afford it, they are undeserving or too risky, they should be more like us first (this is said in a lot of indirect ways, often out of ignorance of other racial groups’ life experiences) and fear, based generally from unrecognized racial or social class prejudice.

I feel that people believe going to church and following clerical rituals and doctrine makes them a moral and Christian person, without daily actions to support moral behavior and actions of brotherly love in their life and causes, such as not calling out immorality or human and animal abuse; or denying those in need even common decency.

How can this country that claims to be a great, moral, predominately Christian nation reject people at our borders fleeing from death squads and extreme poverty? How can we regress on health care, causing people to fight illness with inadequate care? How can we not hear the poor children in this country — by no fault of their own — being trapped in a cycle of poverty?

This seems to be the political agenda of this president, with a Republican Party that allowed, without a strong reprimand, their president to be silent in John McCain’s final days.