Likes having DCHS nearby

Recently I had a concern pop up about my cholesterol. My doctor recommended I get a test done for it and gave me a list of cardiologists that could schedule a calcium score.  The scheduling department called and offered four or five locations to schedule the test — all located in central Wisconsin, a few hours’ drive from my house. Meanwhile, our local community hospital was right down the street. When I asked why I couldn’t just have the test done locally, a myriad of excuses were offered why this wasn’t an option. Patients are being pushed away from our local hospital. They do this by forcing or encouraging potential patients unaware of patients’ rights and options towards their preferred business.

Thankfully, I was stubborn enough to take their suggestion with a grain of salt. I explored another option by contacting Dickinson County Memorial Hospital.  They informed me that I could, indeed, get the test done at their location. The day of my test came, and I drove a short distance from my office to the hospital. From the time I left my office, to the moment I sat back down at my office desk — even with stopping for coffee and a bagel — a mere 40 minutes had elapsed. This, as opposed to the likely all-day event it would have taken to travel to one of the Wisconsin locations was a near-effortless endeavor.

We need to support local businesses and that includes our local hospital. As a small business owner, I know firsthand the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to ensure your business even makes ends meet, let alone be successful. They are our neighbors and friends, and they need our support. I encourage everyone to buy from your local grocer, eat at a local restaurant, and to utilize your local hospital. We will all be better off for it.