Need a change in government

A recent AARP publication had an article about people becoming financially devastated, even to the point of bankruptcy, from the costs of trying to survive cancer. My first thought was why, in this day and age, is this still happening? Why is the government allowing this to happen? The number one reason for bankruptcy is medical costs. Many people are going bankrupt even when they have insurance. The average cost to treat cancer is in the $150,000 range, while treating the results of a heart attack is about $39,000.

Recently the government has been doing whatever they can to take insurance away from people. Why? So they can give tax breaks to the rich and to corporations? Do they really need to get richer?

The thought was that with the tax break, corporations would have the incentive to give their employees a raise. This has not happened. The actual fact is that the wage rate has actually gone done in the past year by 2 percent.

I know some people think having single payer is a bad idea, but it would regulate the cost of health care. People should not have to go broke because they get cancer. The study found that 80 percent of the cancer patients who go bankrupt die from the disease. Is this necessary in America today?

We need to make a change in the government and one way to do this is by voting out the people that are in the Congress now. We need people that will help the American people and not just members of Congress and their campaign contributors. Two hundred and thirty-seven members of Congress are millionaires. That is over half of the Congress. Why is that? The wage they are paid certainly does not account for it. Wouldn’t you like a job that allows you to work about 200 days and year and become a millionaire? I would.

Perhaps we need to rethink who is representing us and then vote in the Aug. 14 Wisconsin primary and nationally in November, when every seat in the House of Representatives is up for the election and approximately one-third of the Senate as well.

It is only Government “by, for and of the people” if those same people participate in an intelligent and well-thought-out fashion.