Dems don’t really care about life

I believe there is a lot of two-faced politics in the Democratic rhetoric being spread, to the point that one does not know what they really stand for. The Letter to the Editor on Sept. 3 is an example of this. It states: “Nearly 3,000 Americans are dead in Puerto Rico and nearly 500 children are separated from their parents.”

So, do they really care about the sanctity of life? Or are they selective? Many millions of babies are estimated to be aborted worldwide every year. We don’t hear the Democrats say a word against abortion, which is really murdering the child. And when a mother realizes she was lied to because it is not a blob of tissue, she can suffer depression for years. I know, because I have a friend who that happened to.

They say a woman has a right to her own body. She does but not a right to destroy the body within hers.

The Democrats are protesting and resisting Judge Kavanaugh being appointed as the next Supreme Court justice. And why? Because they think he will overturn the right to abortion.

My husband is a veteran and gets excellent care at our VA. He has had no benefits cut. But since Obamacare, I pay more for my insurance and my benefits have been cut.

I am a mother of 10 children and proud of it. No, I did not live off the government and look for handouts. We did without and made do with what we had. They all know the Lord and have worked their way to success. Who could ask for more? Thank you, Lord Jesus.