Problems with recent ‘real collusion’ letter

My curiosity was aroused by a recent Letter to the Editor claiming the real collusion with Russia was perpetrated by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. It seems the writer believes in a very, very deep conspiracy involving the Democrat left and every news organization other than Fox News and Alex Jones. The writer suggested we read two books written by Andrew McCarthy to better understand the depths of this conspiracy.

Out of that curiosity, I looked up the two recommended books on Imagine my surprise to see that “Ball of Collusion” was not being released until Sept. 4, so it is not even possible the letter writer could have read it yet. I saw, too, that the first paragraph and portions of the second paragraph in the Letter to the Editor were copied directly, word for word, from the description of the book on the website. According to the description of the other book, “The Grand Jihad,” McCarthy claims that President Obama and Democrats were conspiring with Islamists to destroy our constitution and install sharia law. If ridiculous conspiracy theories give you an adrenaline rush, please be sure to read these.

However, if you want to understand what is really happening in this country, please expand your viewing and reading to include more than just one source. Please watch both Fox and MSNBC. Watch the mainstream — they are not fake — news programs. Read the Washington Post along with conservative websites. Educate yourself on all sides of an issue so that you have a thorough understanding before deciding which side is in closer alignment with your personal political philosophy. This is our duty as responsible citizens.