True Christian behavior lacking

For years now, I have heard about an “Evangelical Base” when talking politics. Now as I understand it, these Evangelicals claim to be Christians. Now, Christian comes from the base word “Christ,” which of course comes from the followers of Jesus Christ. If you have not heard of this person Jesus Christ, get a copy of the Bible and read the New Testament part. It covers at least the majority of what we know of this Jesus Christ. Once you have read about this Jesus Christ — his thoughts, his teachings and his actions — compare that to how the self-proclaimed Evangelicals act in regard to politics and the results of those actions. Did you notice a lack of comparison? I certainly did.

I could keep going here, but if you are bright, I have made my point. If you are sitting there still drinking the Kool-Aid, nothing I could write would change your perceptions. As some of you know, though, I do have a sense of humor that has taken an off ramp from life’s freeway while most folks held their lane.

As a result, I see some material for, at the very least, late night comedians. An example might be the parable of the Children in the Cages. How about the parable of Flint, Michigan, where Christ turns water to lead? Or maybe the way Christ taught us to pass the homeless and act as if we do not see them? Maybe the uninsuring of the old and the infirm? What about the idea of paying people less than they can live on and then blaming them for being hungry and poor? Good one, huh?

Does that sound “Christian” to you? I hope not. This can only get even more ludicrous, so I will stop with just one more thought. If there are enough of these so-called Evangelicals to swing the vote one way or the other in elections, why are the churches so empty on Sundays? Why are there so few children among those that do show up? Just wondering.