Online message aims to divide us

On several occasions I have seen an online message that can be “shared” with others. It has two photos. The left one shows Muslim men at prayer in a mosque. The right photo appears to be a 1950s view of children standing with right hand over their heart, as if saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The caption questions why Muslim men praying is allowed in America and children saying Pledge of Allegiance is not.

What kind of nonsense is this? Well, it is designed to make you angry at a group most people do not understand and to hate that group. Further, it is designed to make you think that someone or some group has taken an established right away from you and your children.

It is a false message. The First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to worship or not worship as you chose in this country.

It also infers that children in America cannot stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance in school.

I called a local school administrator and asked. Years ago, children were granted the right to stand and say the pledge or not as an individual choice. This administrator told me while the right to refuse is extended in his school, he believed that every child in his school was standing and saying the pledge.

So no one took any of your rights or your children’s rights. So why did this thing get started in the first place? It was designed and placed there to divide Americans. Why would you fall for that?

What is the answer? Do not forward or share. Just ignore it.

Remember, this is America. We came from every part of the globe, with every kind of belief, and we made the greatest country on Earth.

You do not have to change a thing about you. Keep your political party, your religion or lack thereof, your lifestyle — in short, keep everything that describes you. And above all, keep being an American. We are ONE in our country, no matter what we argue about among ourselves within OUR country. The only thing we have to actually fear is being divided from the outside. You are not going to fall for that, are you?

Merry Christmas to those who believe as I do. Happy holidays to all who do not. That is how it is in America. Right?