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Obama's not so fine line

June 13, 2012 - Jim Anderson
Republicans are doing their best to pillory Barack Obama over his recent remark that the private sector is doing fine.

“I’d like to go down Central Avenue in Phoenix with him and show him these small business owners and these closed businesses and the storefronts and all of the impact that this recession has had on the economy of the private sector,” said U.S. Sen John McCain, R-Ariz.

Good shot, even if Obama would likely agree with his former presidential challenger.

“Has there ever been a president so out of touch with the middle class?” asks a new video from current rival Mitt Romney.

Obama’s remark was ill-advised. But had he simply said the “corporate” sector is doing fine, he might have dodged the fallout. (The president did mention that corporations are seeing record profits.)

It’s interesting to note that socialists weren’t impressed by the “doing fine” line, either.

This from Barry Grey at the World Socialist Web Site:

“As for the private sector doing ‘a good job creating jobs,’ it is, as Obama well knows, sitting on a multi-trillion-dollar cash hoard, refusing to provide loans to small businesses and consumers or significantly increase hiring. The corporate-financial elite calculates that it can make more money from speculation and financial manipulation than from producing useful goods. Moreover, it wants to keep unemployment high in order to blackmail workers into accepting poverty wages and sweatshop conditions.”

Wonder if Romney might find anything useful in that analysis?



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