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July 6, 2012 - Blaine Hyska
In the spirit of the Fourth of July, I really have to question our independence.

It seems today’s Americans are followers. We want and need a parental government.

We think setting off a few fireworks beyond the limits of Michigan law, or traveling 10 miles per hour over the speed limit is living on the edge.

Heck, the guys in Tom Jefferson’s day declared war against their keepers.

Today’s attitude can be expected, though. Government dependence “feels” safe.

We’ve all heard it. “It’s OK. The government says it’s good for you.” Or the opposite. “You can’t do that. The government says that’s bad for you.”

Americans no longer have a spirit of self-reliance. They believe it would be better (think easier) if someone else took care of them. They believe it would be better (think easier) if someone else told them what to do.

It’s difficult to download an independent thought.

It’s so bad that America has succeeded in outlawing the hermit.

Today, by law, you cannot become a loner and live off the land. You cannot build a lean-to on state forestland, and gather soda cans for spending money.

You must have health insurance. And you must pay for it. You can’t do that with bottle deposits.

In the name of betterment for all, what’s our next mandatory service? Home monitoring for senior citizens? Parental counseling? Mental health screening? Legal representation?

Think of the money and lives we would save. Think of how “safe” we would be.

What would America’s forefathers do with that idea? Their response would probably involve rum and ale, shooting firearms in the air, and dumping something in Boston Harbor.



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