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Riding the storm out

July 9, 2012 - Ron Deuter
The storm which blew up near Channing/Sagola area Wednesday evening is now being called a “gustnado” by the National Weather Service.

I had a group out on my pontoon boat at Way Dam when this storm exploded overhead.

We had been watching radar as storms were in the area as the sizzling Fourth of July afternoon progressed. We had heard a few rumbles of thunder here and there, but everything was south and east and moving away.

Then this particular storm seemed to form right overhead and in basically no time at all.

One minute we were all hanging out on the beach, and the next, there were black, rolling clouds above and three foot waves slamming into the shore.

With no time to make a run with the boat back to safety, our group took cover on the edge of a beach near the tree line.

I first had to try to secure my boat from being pushed up onto the sand, so I was in the water working feverishly to get another rope tied.

Others were huddled under blankets with the kids, trying to remain calm.

The worst of the storm didn’t last very long, but long enough to provide some tense moments, as lightning flashed, winds howled and trees snapped. The rain was driving, and some hail fell.

As crazy and scary as the scene was, the lesson learned was to remain calm. With all the adults staying calm, the kids were not scared in the least. The youngest even fell asleep while being held under a blanket being used as a shield from the rain and hail.



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