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Talk about stress...

July 17, 2012 - Terri Castelaz
As most nights after work, we were in a hurry trying to get ready to leave and last night happened to be for Payton’s soccer game.

While in a rush I must have told Tessa at least 10 times, “girl, you are stressing me right out.” First, she didn’t want to come in the house so here I am chasing her in my work clothes with sweat dripping everywhere. It was a sight to see. Finally I stopped running and decided a Skittle bribe was called for. It worked. After only seconds being in the house, she had climbed onto the kitchen cabinet, knocked everything off that was in her way, “to get sometin.’”

I got her down, walked back to the bedroom, proceeded to change my clothes. Didn’t even get my shirt changed and I heard a loud blast. She had turned up the TV and couldn’t get it back down. So back out there I go to fix her problem. Even though she says she can fix it herself. I go back to getting ready, well let’s just say after at least eight more trips of “fixing problems” I was finally ready to leave. Well I was ready but Tessa wasn’t. She needed stuff to take to grandma’s house. So we waited for her to gather up her “junk,” which that is pretty much what it was before we could leave. At least 10 minutes later and me telling her to hurry up, we were out the door.

As we were pulling up to drop Tessa off she turns and says, “Thank goodness. I’m outta here. I need a break, you are stressing me right out today.”

Just another “day in the life of Tessa.”



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