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Football's sportsmanship rules

September 6, 2012 - Burt Angeli
WIAA Bulletin’s August 2012 issue contains a story on sportsmanship.

“Acts that are intended to engender ill will toward individuals have no place in the educational activities,” WIAA story indicated. “The rules clearly outline that unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to:

— any “baiting” or “taunting” acts

— acts such as diving into the end zone with no defender present

— excessive face painting or marking of equipment

— inappropriate language that attacks one’s ethnicity, race, religion, sex or disability

— use of disconcerting gestures

— one or more back flips

— jump shooting a football as though it were a basketball

— dunking or attempting to dunk a football over the crossbar

— interacting with spectators

— bringing attention to one’s self through choreographed movements and displays of symbolic gestures and signs

— standing with crossed arms on chest

— strutting back and forth.



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