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Hypnotize yourself?

January 14, 2013 - Terri Castelaz
This recent book promotion e-mail was too good not to pass on — “Hypnotize Yourself to Eat Less - Avoid Temptation and Overeating with Four Simple Mind Tricks That Curb Calories.” I usually trash most of these work e-mails, but the first two words “hypnotize yourself” caught my attention. Has anyone really tried this before? Why have I not heard it? So I’m thinking here’s my ticket to finishing my weight loss and tricking my mind not only for weight loss but just to be more motivated etc. The e-mail came from a clinical hypnotherapist and offers four “Mind Tricks” that will let you enjoy parties without consuming big amounts of calories and also talks about hypnosis and how it works. First these are the “Mind Tricks” he offers, see what you think. 1. Limit variety — Studies have shown that the more choices of snacks people have in front of them, the more calories they eat. Choose one or two favorite foods and stick with them. (Really? Of course you don’t have to be a doctor to figure out that one.) 2. Leave evidence — It’s easy to forget how much food you’ve consumed. Studies show that people eat less when they leave visible reminders of what they’ve eaten. So to curb consumption, leave the chicken wing bones, peanut shells, soda pop cans and candy wrappers in view. (Another words embarrassment.) 3. Go small — Research has shown that the larger the plates people eat from, the more calories they consume. An easy trick to decrease calorie consumption is to use smaller-sized plates. Using smaller-sized utensils has been shown to lead to decreased calorie consumption as well. (Again, not rocket science.) Then he finally says to use self-hypnosis so I'm thinking this is were it gets good. This is his advise. His hypnosis tips to eliminate “mindless eating” is to focus on what you’re eating such as “I eat only until my food stops tasting absolutely delicious,” “I am aware of the sensations in my stomach and stop eating as soon as I feel full” and “I eat like a gourmet, savoring all the flavors in my food.” There is no "quick fixes." He could have saved writing a book and just wrote one word — dedication. I'm sure everyone agrees if your dedicated enough to something you can do it. It is just getting yourself to that state.



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